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SEL-2100 Logic Processor

SEL-2100 Logic Processor

The SEL-2100 Logic Processor interconnects as many as 15 MIRRORED BITS® devices. Combine the resulting 120 inputs and outputs using SELOGIC® control equations to implement fast, flexible bus protection, bus sectionalizing, and breaker failure protection. Apply the SEL-2100 to any protection, control, or automation application that requires collection and processing of local and remote protective elements, contact status, or logic points at protection speeds. Use Advanced Application Logic modules that are optimized to perform specific logic functions

Functional Overview




Front- and Rear-Panel Diagrams

SEL-2100 Front Panel SEL-2100 Rear Panel
Front Rear



Coordinate complex trip and close decisions to clear faults using data from up to 15 remote devices.


Communicate using SEL Mirrored Bits® communications, DNP3 Level 2 Slave, and SEL Fast Meter and Fast Operate protocols.

Automation and Control

Use local and remote information to dynamically control power system apparatus and switch relay settings groups. Apply Advanced Application Logic for high-speed control and fast reconfiguration to meet system needs.

Sequential Events Recorder

Stores status of up to 144 user-selected elements in more than 32,000 nonvolatile records.

Speed SEL-2100 Applications With acSELerator QuickSet® SEL-5030 Software

  • Save engineering time and decrease settings errors. Communicate with the SEL-2100 Logic Processor through any ASCII terminal, or use the acSELerator QuickSet graphical user interface.
  • Develop settings offline with a menu-driven interface and complete help screens. Speed installation by copying existing settings files and modifying application-specific items.
  • Simplify the settings procedure with rules-based architecture to automatically check interrelated settings. Out-of-range or conflicting settings are highlighted for correction.

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