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SEL-2600 RTD Module

SEL-2600 RTD Module

SEL-2600 RTD is a microprocessor-based module, which can measure and transmit data from up to 12 RTDs and a single contact status located in transformers, breakers, motors, generators, or other system apparatus.

  • RTD electrical noise rejection up to 1.4 V peak ac ≥ 50 Hz.
  • Measures up to 12 RTD temperatures plus one contact input.
  • Allows flexible panel-mounting for locating near RTDs.
  • Fiber link provides electrical noise immunity and ground isolation between devices.
  • Accepts 120/240 Vac or 120 Vdc input power.
  • Illuminates LEDs to indicate contact input status, data transmission, and product enable status.
  • Operates in extreme ambient temperatures from -40° to +85°C.
  • UL recognized for Class 1, Division 2 applications.


Front- and Side-Panel Diagrams

SEL-2600 Front Panel SEL-2600 Side Panel
Front Side


Operates With Four Types of RTD Inputs

Use any one of the following four different RTD types on each independent input: 100 ohm platinum, 100 ohm nickel, 120 ohm nickel, and 10 ohm copper.

Eliminates Need for Expensive Cables

Eliminate expensive cable pulls, and provide electrical noise immunity and ground isolation between devices with a fiber-optic link.

Connects Directly With Many SEL Devices

Connect directly with SEL-701, SEL-710, SEL-749M, SEL-751A, SEL-787, and SEL-2411 products. Also use with SEL fiber-optic transceivers to connect to the SEL-352-2, -3, SEL-387, SEL-387A, SEL-300G, SEL-421, SEL-451, SEL-2030, and SEL-2032 products.



Motor protection using the SEL-2600 RTD

Generator protection using the SEL-2600 RTD

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