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SEL-2740M Managed Ethernet Switch

SEL-2740M Managed Ethernet Switch

Coming in 2016!

The SEL-2740M Managed Ethernet Switch is designed for the harsh conditions found in energy and industrial environments. The switch supports communications infrastructure built for engineering access, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and real-time data communications, while offering the same reliability found in SEL protective relays. The SEL-2740M meets or exceeds the IEEE 1613 (Class 2), IEC 61850-3, and IEC 60255 industry standards for vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, extreme temperatures, and electrostatic discharge for communications devices in electrical substations.


Front- and Rear-Panel Diagrams

SEL-2740M Front Panel SEL-2740M Rear Panel
Front Rear



Designed, built, and tested for trouble-free operation in extreme conditions, the SEL-2740M meets or exceeds IEEE 1613 (Class 2) and IEC 61850-3 standards for communications devices in electric power substations, with a specified temperature range of –40 ̊ to +85 ̊C (–40 ̊ to +185 ̊F).


Connect to primary and backup power sources simultaneously with dual hot-swappable power supplies. This ensures that there will not be a loss of service due to a single power source failure. With no fans or other moving parts, the SEL-2740M employs the most robust technology available for demanding applications.

Flexible, Modular Design

Accept a wide variety of network interfaces options with six network interface slots. Choose any six of the ordering options to create your perfect switch, or add more modules as you need them.

Easy Network Commissioning

Easily install and configure the SEL-2740M. Setting up priority messaging via virtual local-area networks (VLANs) is simplified to ensure transmission of IEC 61850 GOOSE messages and current differential traffic to intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) while segmenting protection, control, and automation traffic. Update settings either through a secure web interface or offline for later download to the switch.

Secure Network Management

Increase security with the SNMPv3 and HTTPS features on the SEL-2740M. SNMPv3 provides secure network management and is interoperable with existing network management systems (NMS). An HTTPS web interface provides secure and intuitive switch management. Map configurable system and security events to the alarm contact for alarming through an external system, such as an existing SCADA network.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Use microsecond-accurate network timing for the most sensitive synchronous applications. The SEL-2740M supports passthrough IEEE 1588-2008 with the IEEE C37.238-2011 power profile.

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