Project Description

SEL-351R Recloser Control

SEL-351R Recloser Control

The SEL-351R Recloser Control, derived from SEL’s premiere distribution relay, the SEL-351 Protection System, combines traditional recloser control functions with technologically advanced SEL relaying features, such as phase and ground directional elements, multilevel under- and overfrequency trip and control, and high-accuracy metering.

Compatibility with standard control cable and mounting dimensions makes retrofitting fast and convenient while the simple settings and large operator controls make the SEL-351R very user-friendly.

Functional Overview

 SEL-351R Functional Overview
25 Synchronism Check
27 Undervoltage
50N Neutral Overcurrent
50 (P, G, Q) Overcurrent (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
51N Neutral Time-Overcurrent
51 (P, G, Q) Time-Overcurrent (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
59 Overvoltage
59 (P, G, Q) Overvoltage (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
67N Directional Neutral Overcurrent
67 (P, G, Q) Directional Overcurrent (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
79 Autoreclosing
81 (O, U) Over-/Underfrequency
85 RIO SEL MIRRORED BITS Communications
DFR Event Reports
HMI Operator Interface
LGC SELOGIC Control Equations
MET High-Accuracy Metering
SER Sequential Events Recorder
BRM Breaker Wear Monitor
LDP Load Data Profiling
LOC Fault Locator


Front- and Rear-Panel Diagrams

SEL-351R Front Panel SEL-351R Side Panel
Front Side


Plug-In Recloser Control Compatibility

Upgrade existing recloser installations with cost-saving protection, automation, and control features in the SEL-351R Recloser Control, a plug-compatible replacement for Cooper Kyle® recloser controls. Use standard control cables for easy installation. The SEL-351R is independently certified to IEEE C37.60-2003 recloser standards.

“EZ” Settings for Convenient Setup

Expedite commissioning with familiar “EZ” recloser control settings that enable only the settings you need.

Advanced 24 Vdc Battery-Charging and -Monitoring System

Monitor and test the 24 Vdc battery with the 120 Vac battery-charging system. Maximize battery backup duration with the automatic sleep and local wakeup function. There is also a 12 Vdc supply for powering modems and radio communications equipment.

Lightweight Cabinet

Reduce maintenance and prevent corrosion with the lightweight, easy-to-install, painted aluminum cabinet.


351R 651R
Distribution Feeder Protection
Breaker Failure Protection f f
Generator Intertie Protection
Recloser Control
Synchronism Check +
Underfrequency Load Shedding
Undervoltage Load Shedding
27/59 Under-/Overvoltage
32 Directional Power Elements
50 (P,N,G,Q) Overcurrent Element (Phase, Neutral, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
51 (P,N,G,Q) Time-Overcurrent Element (Phase, Neutral, Ground, Neg. Seq.)
67 (P,N,Q) Directional Overcurrent (Phase, Neutral, Neg. Seq.)
81 Over-/Underfrequency
Separate Neutral Overcurrent
Load-Encroachment Supervision
Mirrored Bits Communications
Sensitive Earth Fault Protection
Directional Sensitive Earth Fault Protection
Pilot Protection Logic f
Rate-of-Change-of-Frequency (df/dt)
Harmonic Blocking
Arc Sense Technology (AST) High-Impedance Fault Detection +
Phantom Phase Voltage
Current/Voltage Channels 4/4 4/4
79 Automatic Reclosing
Fault Locating
SELogic Control Equations With Remote Control Switches
SELogic Counters +
Voltage Check on Closing
Operator Control Pushbuttons
SELogic Nonvolatile Latch
Nonvolatile Local Control Switches
Display Points
Multiple Settings Groups
Breaker/Recloser Wear Monitor
Trip Coil Monitor f f
Voltage Sag, Swell, and Interruption (VSSI)
Load/Signal Profile Recorder +
Sequential Events Recorder
Demand Meter
DNP3 Level 2 Outstation
Modbus Outstation
IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasors
IEC 61850 +
Simple Time Network Protocol (SNTP)
Harmonic Metering
RMS Metering
Standard Feature
+ Model Option
f This function may be created using settings

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