Project Description


Created in 1919, the CATU company developed its activities, from its creation, on the manufacturing of material and equipment for the transmission and distribution networks of electrical energy. But it is really since 1936 that CATU activities were clearly concentrated on the conception and the manufacturing of protection equipment against the electric risks. A little time after the end of World War II, a central department for the Safety and the Accident prevention was created within EDF.

And, it is thanks to the experience already acquired by CATU in this domain, that a very close cooperation asserted itself between the national operator and the company. This collaboration allowed CATU to develop and perfect the safety equipment of the electricians for their works, both for transmission and distribution. The international recognition gained by EDF in this field has contributed to giving CATU an image of specialist and seriousness in the world.

Since 1996, CATU is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group, one of the world leaders of accessories for the works of transmission and energy distribution. A specialist recognized all over the world.


Today, CATU safety equipment , including the ranges of warning signs, lock-out, earthing and short circuiting systems, voltage detectors and controllers, live working tools, and personal protective equipment are used by the main transmission and distribution utilities, HV/MV contractors and MV/LV installers of the tertiary domain, the heavy industries, the railroad sector and the electric automobile sector in more than 100 countries distributed over the 5 continents.

CATU Products

Safety glasses

Protection against UV radiation and ejections of solid particles. Grilamid frame in orange Softflex.


CATU Polycarbonate overglasses. Protection against UV radiation and ejections of solid particles.

Face shield

Polycarbonate face shield adjustable on the head by milled wheel. Protection against electric arcs of short-circuits. Anti-mist treatment. Anti-scratch treatment.

Helmet with built-in face shield

Panoramic face shield in non-scratch and anti-mist polycarbonate. Chinstrap (with Velcro fastening) Head fit adjustment by milled wheel. Single size: 0.270 kg.

Insulating rubber gloves

Insulating Rubber Gloves without mechanical protection for use with silicon leather glove covers

Insulating mat

High Quality Dielectrical Rubber, Regulatory Clearity Indicating the Insulating Mat Features, Non-Skid Surface

Arc flash protective kits

  • 1 arc flash protective hood with an integrated face shield 25, 40, 65 or 100 cal/cm2, ASTM F2178 and NFPA 70E Standards
  • 1 arc flash protective coat 25, 40, 65 or 100 cal/cm2, ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E Standards
  • 1 arc flash protective bib overall 25, 40, 65 or 100 cal/cm2, ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E Standards
  • 1 ABS helmet electrically insulated EN397, EN 50365, ANSI Z89.1 20kV.
  • 1 safety glasses EN 166/EN 170
  • 1 all kit carrying bag

Insulating ladders

A complete range with top quality features: Insulation between two steps: 30000 V (test performed after immersion in water for 24 hours), High mechanical resistance to bending and twisting, Good resistance/weight ratio. High fire resistance, High resistance against bad weather and corrosive elements, Lateral risers in polyester/glass fiber rectangular section 70 x 25 mm., Aluminium alloy rungs with square 29 x 29 mm section and anti-slip coating.

Installation on permanent fixed points

  • Clamps 3 claws
  • Earth clamp fixation
  • Cable tensioner
  • Cable kit support
  • Wall mounted support
  • Plastic case

Compact carrying KIT

This compact kit is designed especially to be carried in a vehicle for safety electrical intervention. Made in two part (of moulded material: PEHD), the case is also on its red part, an insulating platform.