SEL-710-5/SEL-710 Motor Protection Relay


Protect asynchronous (induction) and synchronous motors with one SEL-710-5 Motor Protection Relay. New features include broken rotor bar detection and variable-frequency drive (VFD) support as well as options for arc-flash detection, differential protection, and synchronous motor protection.

SEL-849 Motor Management Relay


The SEL-849 Motor Management Relay offers current-, voltage-, and thermal-based motor protection; arc-flash detection; and power metering. It also provides all basic motor protection features, including protection for the following conditions:

SEL-749M Motor Relay

The SEL-749M uses the latest enhancements in the SEL-patented thermal overload model to accurately track the heating effects of operating and cyclic overload currents. The relay offers all basic motor protection features, including short circuit, load loss, load jam, and frequent starting protection as well as imbalance current and phase-reversal protection.

SEL-701 Motor Protection Relay

The SEL-701 Motor Protection Relay provides locked rotor, running overload, and negative sequence current unbalance protection using a patented thermal model. The thermal element accurately tracks the heating effects of load current and current unbalance while the motor is accelerating and running. You can choose from three easy settings methods: